Things to consider before buying a new Lawnmower.

Our Buyers Guide - Part 1

Over the coming weeks we will look at the various options available when looking to invest in a new mower we will cover subjects including machine types from ride-on to hand-push and power options including petrol and battery.

In this weeks post we will start with a few basic choices and explain why it is as important as who you buy from as what you buy.

OK – So you have decided to buy a new mower ….

Do you want stripes?

Striping a lawn is really simple when you have the right type of lawn mower. To get a defined stripe you need to have a rear roller lawn mower. The rear roller is like a rolling pin at the back of the mower, which bends the grass slightly in the direction you are mowing. When you go back-and forth across your lawn it bends the grass in two directions. This creates the two contrasting green shades which form the stripes.

Do you want to have a good lawn?

It is much better for your lawn if you cut little and often. The golden rule of lawn care is never cut more than 1/3 of the grass off in any one go. If you leave it 2-3 weeks between cuts you will remove too much grass and your grass will suffer.

OK – I’m ready to buy but who offers the best deals?

DIY superstores, like supermarkets are convenient and often have cheap prices. However, they rarely have the best choice of products or the best advice, specialist garden machinery stores like Oakleaf Garden & Estate Machinery offer a diverse range of lawnmowers from leading manufacturers to suit any budget.

We understand the products that we sell and will have the skills and knowledge to point you in the right direction towards the most suitable product for your needs, whatever your budget

In conclusion

Like every purchase decision, you need to try and understand what you are buying.
What is really important is that you are educated about what you are buying and don’t go into it blind. With no knowledge, you will either end up with a product that is not the most appropriate for your needs or something that you might regret after using!

Call in and see us, call us or email for the best sound advice and a great selection of lawnmowers.

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