Echo SRM2620TESU Petrol Brushcutter

£505.00 £399.00

A lightweight 25.4cc U-handle brushcutter, the SRM-2620TES has more cutting torque than traditional models. A 2.07 gear reduction ratio generates more torque for greater cutting performance.

Greater torque means the unit can maintain speed under heavy loads, enabling the user to trim in one pass instead of several.

The SRM-2620TES starts almost effortlessly thanks to the Easy Start system.


The engine on the Echo SRM-2620TESU Petrol Brushcutter has a generous 25.4cc cylinder-displacement and has been equipped with Echo’s EasyStart system for virtually effort-free recoil-starts.

Stage 2 emission-compliance makes for a pleasant, almost fume-free working environment; while an extra-large 0.61-litre fuel-tank works to minimise downtime by reducing the number of refuelling-stops.

Offering superior user-comfort, the Echo SRM-2620TESU can be paired-up with a full-shoulder harness (optional); features a professional ‘U’-style handlebar; and benefits from Echo’s high-end anti-vibration technology.

This model comes with a “TAP AND GO’ SYSTEM which releases more line for the operator with a single tap


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