10 Top Tips for October

October is a busy time in your garden when you have to ensure everything is ready to withstand old man winter. It is also a great time to get things completed so when spring rolls around you are ready to dig in and get planting those spring seeds and flowers. Whether you are beginning the process of putting your garden to rest for the winter season or gearing up for a fresh start, here are our 10 top tips for October.

10 Tips for October

Get your garden ready for winter

Care for your lawn by raking or brushing leaves off the grass. Try collecting them in a leaf bag, which will turn them into useful leaf mould. You can also cut the grass for one last time this year. Make that last cut slightly higher to protect the lawn from winter frost.

Trim hedges so they are crisp and tidy for the winter.

October’s the time for clearing up. Greenhouses, ponds, gutters and water butts may all need cleaning out, wooden garden furniture will need covering or storing for the winter and terracotta pots will need bringing inside.

Plant some back in the ground; take others to pot up and give away to friends in the spring.

In the veg patch plant garlic cloves with their pointed ends up, and spaced 10cm apart.

Plant bulbs for a colourful spring display. Try planting clumps of five or seven bulbs of the same variety through a border for a really effective display.

Plant out spring bedding and biennials, such as wall-flowers, for spring displays. Pots and hanging baskets can be planted with spring bedding, and teamed with bulbs, grasses, cyclamen and violas for a colourful and textural display.

‘Plant’ prepared hyacinths in vases for winter scent and colour in the house.

Harvest pumpkins for eating as well as carving.

Clean and oil garden tools before storing for winter

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